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As a home owner and young grandma of two, I know how important it is to learn more about a product including the price range before you buy as you can often get the same cheaper somewhere else. We all know it can really pay to shop around but nothing beats a word of mouth recommendation and same holds true for honest online reviews.

Now Amazon doesn’t usually give much more than the product information but they are great at getting buyer’s to leave their reviews and some of these reviews can get into deep details and opinions. Anytime you need reviews for physical products chances are Amazon carries it and it probably has multiple reviews.

So come here if you want to save time finding the perfect popular toy and then check out the Amazon reviews to make a decision that is right for you. Note: Not all of our listed toys will have reviews since some have not been released yet but rest assured they will start coming in once the product is available.

We do in-depth research on these products to bring our findings back to you along with our honest opinion of how we see it. I will also be bringing you news stories and in the know articles and more as we move on. Most of these will be coming after the first of the year. We are a new site aiming to stay up to date and save you time and money. At this time we are still updating many product reviews with extended information because some of you want even more information in one place, like FAQ’s, product manuals, etc.

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