How Cool Is The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy?

How Cool Is The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy?

The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy is expected to be one of the best tech toys for Christmas 2017 as it was when first introduced before Christmas 2016. Displaying great advancements in artificial intelligence this little robot is sure to delight and become a part of many lives over the next few years.

It just has tons of capabilities and it will actually interact with you, remember things and develop his own personality as you interact. It’s like having a real life robot you’d only see in the movies.

Cozmo requires a free downloadable app so you’ll need a compatible iOS or smart device to make use of it. The app will be upgraded with new games and the more you play the more you’ll unlock for exciting new fun.

It includes Cozmo the intelligent robot, a on/off changer and 3 power cubes. There is nothing to put together, it’s ready to use right out of the box once you download and set up the app.

How Cool Is The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy?


  • Entertaining and adorable
  • Nothing to assemble
  • 5 minute app set-up
  • Easy to learn to use
  • Feature expansion endless
  • Secure and durable
  • Cozmo only works when app is open
  • Features may not appeal to all
  • Only 2 games are unlocked (at first)
  • A bit pricey

I Don’t Want To Ask…

I would expect the launch price to stay pretty firm over the next several months but you know we can not guarantee any listed prices.

It is said to be priced at $180 upon release in mid October, that seems like a great price for your own advanced capability personal robot.

UPDATE: Sept 30, 2017

Hey Guys, things are looking good with Cozmo, could be a top seller again this year. We also ran across some great screen protectors made just for Cozmo. Made of the highest quality Aerospace grade patented materials, anti scratch and lifetime guarantee. Its just some special I ran across, you get 2 of them for 8.50 but have no idea when the price might change.

If you already own Cozmo or you plan on it this is an excellent investment.

On October 8th of 2017 Cozmo has over 1200 reviews with a 4.4 star rating, not to shabby. This lovable little guy is 179.99 today which was what he released for over a year ago.

If you are looking to get Cozmo for Christmas 2017 do not delay as things tend to get crazy sometimes with prices and availability as the holidays get nearer.

UPDATE: July 2017

Cozmo turned out to be one of the best toy robots of 2016 and there are over 1000 reviews from delighted consumers.

.UPDATE:  Feb. 4, 2017...  AS  EXPECTED – Things have settled down…

Things have settled down nicely after the holidays and prices are back to normal. Cozmo is much more affordable under 180.00 at this minute and you know that can change at any moment.

Update:  The Anki Cozmo Robot Is Available and…. the user reviews are pouring in at Amazon. It’s crazy as it’s only been out a little over a week and everyone has plenty to say.

Free shipping available from Amazon

UPDATE:  Dec. 11, 2016…  PRICE ALERT and What You Need To Know

I found the best price at Best Buy and the manufacture websites but both sold out, yes you heard me right,… even the manufacture is sold out. Good luck finding this for the release price or even under 200.00 before Christmas 2016.

Amazon only fulfills this product sold by several private sellers and you should expect to pay around $450.00 through most of them. Best bet if you can not find it for a decent price wait until after Christmas and chances are you’ll get it for under 200.00.

If you really have to have the Anki Cozmo Robot now and can not find it you can always come to Amazon if you don’t mind paying more than double the release price. Of-course prices can change at anytime so we can’t swear by any prices we list on the site.

The more I learn about this guy the more I want one but no way I will pay 500.00. I’ll personally wait until after the holidays, pretty sure we’ll be able to get that release price around 180. but don’t quote me on that.

Be sure to check out the more than 300 user reviews here before you buy from anywhere.

How Cool Is The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy?

Who Would Buy It?

The makers “Anki” advise Cozmo for 8 years and up. We think it will attract a lot of youngsters who are into games and tech. stuff. Adults interested in robotics and AI are sure to be attracted to Cozmo as well.

The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy does require a smart device as it will work with the free Cozmo app.

Things We Like About Cozmo

This cool little bulldozer looking toy is much more than a device, it will learn and grow with you as you play video games and interact with it Cozmo will develop it’s own personality. Wow, it even snores and will recognize you when he wakes from his nap.

Cozmo can actually play games with you and the more you play the more you’ll unlock.

His ready to go, no need to assemble anything it just takes about 5 minutes to download and set up the app.

It’s very high tech but not technical so there’s no learning curve with Cozmo.

Security and durability should be no issue as it’s been tested rigorously.

The Cozmo app will be upgraded and updated regularly so I’d think there will be surprises to come.

We think the companion mobile app is a great addition and you should make use of it.

Reviews are pouring in at Amazon, the Anki Cozmo was available for pre-order so many got Cozmo early and have been awesome sending in their feedback.

Our Ratings
Considering all the articles, customer feedback and extensive research preformed this is how we’d rate Cozmo.

Functions (4/5)
Performance (4.5/5)
Durability (5/5)
Value (5/5)
Updates (5/5)

 Things We Did Not Like About Cozmo

Cozmo only come to life when the app is open, you can’t take pictures of him or do anything else at the time unless of-course you have a camera or another smart device.

Cozmo is very small so some might have an issue with that Anki wanted it to be very portable and easy to move around.

There are only 2 games to start, we think there should be more.



Is It Worth The Money?

We would say yes, if your youngsters are into robots and all the latest smart gadgets they continue to grow with technology and have a blast with this real live robot for years to come. I’m sure they’ll really enjoy showing off to their friends too.

Anyone into artificial intelligence or robotic engineering will be on cloud 9 with this most advanced intelligent toy to hit the market.

Where Can I Buy It?

Amazon of-course! They’ll be offering discounts for pre-orders and delivery is set for 2 days prior to release.

The release date is said to be Oct. 16, 2016 and should be available at several of the big toy stores online and off. You know I’m going to direct you to Amazon to read the reviews when they start coming in and if you decide to buy, search a few places for the best price before you buy.

The Anki Cozmo Robot Toy Is Available Now At Amazon – Free Shipping

Final Thoughts

As one of the most advanced intelligent life like robots to hit the market Cozmo is bound to delight you child for years to come because it will always be continually tested and updated with new features through the Cozmo app.

Cozmo is super smart and displays displays hundreds of emotions, he may even pout if you don’t show him some attention.

Anki really has something here that will most likely reinvent consumer robotics as we know it.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy so many different thing they can do with the Anki Cozmo Robot toy that they should never lose interest in it or at least not anytime soon.

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