Buy Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone – 1st Toy Racing Drone With Beginners In Mind

Buy Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone – 1st Toy Racing Drone With Beginners In Mind

Finally released, you can now buy Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone  the 1st Toy Racing Drone With Beginners In Mind. For those of you that relate with drones, you most likely realize that drone racing is coming to be a respected sport in today’s world– it speaks to us, complete with ESPN coverage, which is quite awesome.

Air Hogs and also DR1 Racing have actually collaborated in order to design the first-ever FPV (first person view) toy racing drone– Air Hogs DR 1 FPV Drone with Headset. With this racing drone, users will be able to experience just what first-hand specialist drone racing is about– that’s ideal, you will surely feel the rush of broadband racing with FPV streaming via the headset and a smart device.

With the brand-new Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone, the business is wishing to give both newbies as well as hobbyists a genuine preference of the action. This drone has actually been created to get consumers involved in drone racing. This gives fans throughout the world accessibility to the sport, so they could challenge themselves and quite possibly race like the pros do.

When Will This Drone Be Available?   .

You have to wait till fall of 2017 to get your hands on the drone, yet trust in us, just from what we already understand regarding Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset, the wait is well worth it.

Sept. 2017 Update: you can buy now – link below..

You can buy Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone now on Amazon

So, How Much?

This drone will integrate the excitement of high-speed drone racing with an eye in the skies perspective that will be supplied to a virtual reality headset. When the drone is launched, it will set you back a total amount of $99, which, if you’re acquainted with drones, you would certainly know that this is a great deal.

Buy Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone – 1st Toy Racing Drone With Beginners In Mind

Where Can I Buy It?

One of our favorite stores, Target as well as Amazon, Walmart, ToysRUs  and many others.

So How Does It Work?

This works with iPhones and Android devices. There’s a going along with app that will certainly allow the user to have a first-person sight of their trip course– therefore the “FPV” you see in the name. People that make use of the headset will have a simpler time when it pertains to adjusting altitude and also direction compared to having to rely upon view alone

How Is The View?

Using the headset, it really feels similar to a VR headset. The headset should have a bit, if any type of light leakage. The sight will certainly be remarkably shape as well as clear. When examining the device, some individuals reported a slight fight-eye impacts when the drone approached a sharp turn.

Great for Advanced and Beginner Flyers

If you’re a seasoned pilot, flying this drone will not be difficult as it looks specific enough in order to satisfy also those innovative pilots. However, as previously mentioned, newbies can also fly this drone. The device could take a few bumps as well as crashes without being destroyed and it transforms fairly easy.

At the time of writing this review, however, Spin Master hasn’t informed us just how much flight time you can expect from this drone. Nonetheless, if we go from the Mission Drone or the Air Hogs Helix Ion, we can expect in between 10-15 minutes in terms of battery life.

btw… Air Hogs, a leader in RC vehicles make drones and more for all ages and all experience levels.

Drone Racing Competition

Some fantastic information here from an outside source, read on

A series of title sponsors are doubling down on DR1 Racing’s second season in the drone racing circuit.

The Champions Series will air internationally in over 100 countries on Eurosport, Fox Sports Asia and Twitch and will be backed by brands like DHL, Mountain Dew and Spin Master, makers of the Air Hogs drones.

The racing series—officially dubbed as the “DHL Champions Series fueled by Mountain Dew”—will pit five teams in six separate outdoor races in the Trona Pinnacles and The Mojave Bone Yard in California, a 3D skyscraper race in Bonn, Germany, Ireland’s historic Bunowen Castle and Spike Island and the Marine Drive on the Isle of Man throughout October and November.

Buy Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone – 1st Toy Racing Drone With Beginners In Mind

Leading into the airing of the series, the US Army will be…   read more

Review Video

You can see our quick review video here.

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Utilizing the free application as well as a mobile phone puts you inside behind the controls with FPV (first person view). Just include the application to the headset and you’ll be live-streaming from the cam on the drone. How cool is that? You’ll fly like a pro in a snap.

We are truly excited about the Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset. Once it takes flight, we could visualize it’s going to be the kind of drone you’re not most likely going to want to put down. Would make a awesome Christmas gift for anyone that is interested in learning to fly a drone.

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