Buy Hasbro Dance Code Belle – Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle – Dancing Belle Doll

Buy Hasbro Dance Code Belle – Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle – Dancing Belle Doll

If you plan to buy Hasbro Dance Code Belle – Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle – Dancing Belle Doll read our review and we will tell you what we know and where you can order one now.

”Beauty and the Beast” is a tale as old as time, as well as it is something that we will certainly permanently hold and cherish in our hearts. The live-action variation of the tale that made its debut to the cinemas on March 17, 2017 was everything we expected it to be, and quite a lot more.

Viewing our favored personalities come to life and also hearing the sensational tracks was beautiful. Just a while back, we uncovered the Beauty and the Beast: App-Controlled Belle, which was announced at the toy fair this year. Because Belle so happens to be among our favorite personalities from Beauty and the Beast, we just needed to dig much deeper to see exactly what this “toy” is all about.

Actual Beauty Unfolds Right Before Your Eyes

Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle – Dancing Belle Doll

Checking out this app-controlled Belle, you will really feel as if real appeal has actually unraveled before your eyes. This is a carefully crafted “doll” that looks extremely comparable to the way she appeared in Disney’s re-imaging of Beauty and the Beast. Whatever is precise and accurate including her extravagant dress. All points brings the ageless story to life.

UPDATE: Nov. 1, 2017…  Shes Live

Disney Princess Belle, Dance Code Belle Doll was released to hit the shelves today. This Amazon exclusive is sure to be a big hit with the young ladies so don’t delay if its on your holiday list. Depending on demand, she could become more difficult to obtain as the holidays get closer.

UPDATE: Oct. 23, 2017… The release date has been announced, Dance Code Belle will be available November 1st.

 Buy Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle Now 

The Appearance

No matter exactly how this Belle doll looks, we already understand that a number of you are going to buy it merely because you are a large fan of Beauty and the Beast and we’re in that same boat with you. Nevertheless, as for the look of the doll goes, it’s pure perfection. If you’re not a fan of Beauty and the Beast, you may not like the appearance of Bell, but as a Disney fan, we really feel that this is simply lovable.

While reading some testimonials on other Beauty and the Beast dolls, there were customers calling the doll “unsightly” and also personally, we do not see where words “ugly” enters play, since Belle is anything but that. Disney has certainly put a huge amount of great information and also artistry right into it. If you buy this, you will certainly want to maintain it risk-free, because we really feel as if this is most likely to be something that is worth collecting.

If you’re a collector, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that this doll is going to last for several years ahead. Considering, we see that it is constructed from excellent quality.

Control the Doll Via an App

Currently, we finally arrive at the most exiting component of this doll. The really trendy function of the doll is the truth that you could manage it via an app. Visualize having the ability to control Belle via your smartphone or iPhone. All you have to do is download and install the app (totally free, with the acquisition of the doll) and you could begin controlling her straight away.

Who Is Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle For?

The manufacture recommend age is 5 and up but any and all Beauty And The Beast fans and collectors are going to love and cherish this piece.

How Much Is This Belle Doll Going To Cost?

Hasbro’s programmable dancing doll is suppose to retail for 99.99 upon release. There are ways you can save on top of that with Amazon and I would imaging some other companies may also offer special deals. Amazon will generally offer you some kind of saving or incentive. One thing they are offering at the moment is a 50 dollar savings if you apply for at get approve for an Amazon Rewards Visa.

Incredible Design

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When Can I Get Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle?

The official release date is said to be November 1st, 2017 but the Dance Code Belle is available now for pre-order at Amazon with no crazy price hike. You can pre-order for same as the release price with a guarantee if it should be any lower you will get that price.

Where Can I Find Dance Code Belle?

Amazon and pretty much the usual toy chains as well as Target, Walmart, and more should have Dance Code Belle available upon release. There are probably a few more places to pre-order but I only took a few minutes to look and didn’t find much. Maybe from the Disney Store and Hasbro. I did not click the links, I’m a bit overloaded this week,  just search ole Google but I am pretty sure you will not find a better price than Amazon.

Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle

Always be double sure you are buying from a trusted company especially when buying online.

Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Absolutely. made with excellent quality and attention to detail this Beauty And The Beast Dance Code Belle doll is a must have for all Belle fans and collectors. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST APP CONTROLLED BELLE   THE GOOD

  • Attention To Detail
  • App Controlled For More Fun
  • Many great features


  • Will Update After Release

What We Liked

Beautiful – Great attention to detail, she really resembles Belle from the Disney’s re-imaging of Beauty and the Beast.

Earlier in the 2017 as the Toy Fair booth was quite popular and got great feedback.

What We Didn’t Like

Nothing yet, since she has not been released to the public yet and we heard nothing bad from the Toy Fair introduction well have to wait and see to add to our good and bad, like and don’t like areas.

We will let you know if anything new pops up about her release.

2 Things To Share From Amazon

-Amazons Product description

Dance Code empowers kids to code dance routines for Disney’s Belle! Accompanied by a free, interactive app, this play experience introduces early coding techniques in a fun way. Connect the doll to the Dance Code App via Bluetooth and choreograph beautiful dance sequences through 3 kid-friendly activities. The first activity resembles block coding and allows kids to drag-and-drop dance moves to determine Belle’s beautiful motion! The second activity encourages kids to connect the dots to create dance patterns for Belle to perform before their very eyes! The third activity lets kids freely draw any shape or pattern they like for their ultimate dance partner, Belle!

Don’t have a device nearby? The fun doesn’t need to stop! The Dance Code doll’s play experience goes beyond the app. The interactive doll guides kids through more ways to play with over 100 fun and instructive phrases! Press her rose necklace once and she performs 1 of 10 pre-programmed dance routines. Double-tap her necklace and she instructs kids how to dance along to some of their favorite songs. There are 10 dance lessons to perfect! Kids can also lead the dance by gently moving the doll’s arms. They can move her forward, backward, or twirl her around. With over 100 phrases and 7 different songs, kids will love interacting and twirling along with Belle! The Dance Code doll comes wearing a gown inspired by Belle’s iconic gold gown, and is a great addition to any Disney Princess fan’s collection!


Doll and instructions.

Enhanced by Disney Princess Dance Code App.

Device not included. App images shown are not final. Actual images may differ.

App available through June 30, 2019. Disney Princess Dance Code app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Updates affect compatibility. Check dance code belle for details. Ask a parent first. Not available in all languages

This concludes Amazons content, Thanks


Kids and grown-ups are both excited for this new Belle to come out and we feel everyone will be more pleased with this new Hasbro dance code doll. If Belle is your preferred character from Beauty and the Beast and your looking to buy Hasbro Dance Code Belle – Beauty And The Beast App Controlled Belle – Dancing Belle Doll be sure to buy from a reputable company.

You can only pre-order Dance Code Belle from the above links as we are awaiting her release is live and available for purchase We will update this post once people start leaving their reviews and if anything new pops up. Thanks for reading, please come again.

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