Buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

Buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

If you want to buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile before its release date, it could be possible at least a special version, but may be only for this week, just read this entire post to see what we found.

There’s a new Batman movie coming out in Nov. 2017 and we all know what that means… the launch of new Super Hero products including an insane new 1/10 scale replica of the Justice League Movie Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle.

It is sure to be a top seller for collectors but might be a bit out of reach for many parents expected to sell for 250.00. This Justice League Batmobile rc car will not be released until about Nov. but I have seen a couple of sites taking pre-orders. (more on that below)

Whether you loved the previous Batman movies, the latest being Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or hated them, the fact remains that Batman has some of the coolest toys available. Justice League, the upcoming sequel, has promised to raise the bar for caped-crusader gadgetry and reinvent the Batmobile taking it to a whole new dimension. Mattel’s new 1/10 scale movie replica Batmobile is an interactive armored beast putting you in the drivers seat.

Buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

You missed out on something special if you didn’t get to attend the past 2017 Toy Fair from New York. Besides all the other cool toys Mattel’s new fully loaded Batmobile was introduced and was instantly a crowd favorite.

UPDATE: July 23rd : Release date is Oct. 30th 2017

Best Price for Pre-Order – Just Went Live

I sure didn’t think we would be making this update so soon so but I just discovered a new Amazon pre-order link. Different from the one I mentioned in this post where they are asking 450.00 and you cant get it until mid January., wow. Anyway you can pre-order now for the absolute best price on the Justice League Movie Elite-Tek Batmobile shipped and sold by Amazon.

You can also take advantage of a 30 day free trial to Amazon Prime.


Justice League Movie

Justice League is the latest and maybe greatest Batman movie scheduled for release November 17, 2017. With that, Mattel is releasing an exact replica Elite-Tek Batmobile, a scaled-down remote-controlled version of the car that will be featured in “Justice League” The rc vehicle also comes with a custom 6″ removable Batman figure that really drives the car.

Mattel’s Elite-Tek Batmobile

The new 2017 fully loaded Batmobile is actually based on the cars design from the previous movie but it has been armored out with some bad assss animated Gatling guns, rocket launchers and a cannon that really fires then explodes. I’ve added a more detailed description of the features and a video to give you a  great look at the Justice League Ultimate Batmobile and show you the features in action on our video blog.

Mattel’s 2017 Batmobile Release Date … Sometime this fall 2017

We guess Oct. but found nothing that gave a date. We will update as soon as we know more. Update… got release date, see above.

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Who Is The 2017 Batmobile For, Me?

The recommended age is 14 and up and it does appear to be a big kids toy.

Parents should use their own judgement to determine if is suitable for anyone under the recommended age.

Bet It’s Expensive

You betcha! We think its high but it also looked amazing at the 2017 toy fair so well wait and see what consumers think.

Update: Sept 20, 2017     A Great Alternative…

Hey, today we ran across a great alternative for many of us that cant swing 250.00. for a rc vehicle for the kids. We had no clue this was coming out but we’re really excited with what we found out. Mattel has made the Justice League Mega Cannon Batmobile Vehicle (FGG58) for the age group of 4 to 8 years and we couldn’t be happier.

Buy The Justice League 2017 Mega Cannon Batmobile Vehicle For Your Little Ones

This new Mega Cannon Batmobile Vehicle is really sweet with a lot of working parts and great design., it is made to hold a 6 inch Batman figure but it is not included. We will not be doing a full review of this product but I have shared a great video on our video blog  that shows you all the details about this recently released Justice League movie 2017 Batmobile for kids.

Buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

It cant do everything the Elite-Tek Batmobile RC vehicle can do but it has the armor and all the working firepower, you just need to operate it manually. For around 30 bucks you cant beat it, a sweet looking Batmobile your little Batman fans are gonna love!

Now, back to our review…

Is The Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle Worth It?

We cant really say yet with no user feedback, we’ll update closer to Christmas when reviews start coming in. At 250.00 upon release we agree that it will be well worth it to collectors but it may be out of reach for many kids who may enjoy it the most.

We hope to post our Ratings well before Christmas 2017, just depends on the demand and consumers leaving their honest experiences about the Justice League Movie Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle. MATTEL’S FULLY LOADED RC BATMOBILE     THE GOOD

  • Amazing Sound
  • Heavy Artillery
  • Built In Camera Puts U In the Cockpit
  • Customized 6 inch Batman
  • Hot New Collectors Piece
  • Battery Included


  • Expensive

We started the rating with a 9 due to everything we have seen and heard about this amazing new rc vehicle, this could change quickly after release so the rating at this moment is based on pure assumption until we update some time after release.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy?

Best we can see right now… Target, ToysRUs and the like, maybe Walmart and of-course I’ll update you here when the 2017 Justice League Batmobile is released sometime this fall, 2017.

Update: Sept 14, 2017         A Litte Surprise...

We just found you can pre-order on Target now for the same expected release price as Amazon. (249.99) So if you prefer Target, there ya go.

Things We Liked About The Ultimate Batmobile

You can Buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile now on pre-order at the expected release date price. We were shocked at this, somebody pinch me. That means if you know you are going to buy this beast then why wouldn’t you just order it now at the same price. I believe what ever the price is when it comes out on Oct. 30th is what you will be charged so they do not bill you until they are ready to ship.

Based on the Toy Fair 2017 demonstrations we love everything about this extreme vehicle. Did you see our Review Block Above

Things We Did Not Like

Other than the price putting it out of reach for many kids, we’ll have to get back to ya on this one.


We found a few places taking per-orders but they jack up the price to 350. and 450. from what we’ve seen. We even found it on Amazon by one seller with some digging. From what it stated about delivery it will not come until after the first of the year. What is the point of pre-ordering if that is true. You’ll probably be able to get it after Christmas at the initial price, of-course I do not know this for a fact but I have seen it happen quite often. Just always be careful of who you buy from especially online.

UPDATE:  Sept. 10, 2017     Pre- Order Update…

We decided to check on the Elite-Tek Batmobile today and found nothing new to report. I did however go through the ordering process again to see if there was any changes. Good News is the shipping date for pre-orders is still estimated to be Nov. 3 to Nov. 6, same as when we last checked.

So you know, the shipping was 12.55 for 5 – 6 day delivery but Amazon has a good incentive… if you try Amazon Primes 30 day free trial you will get free 2-day shipping. With the holidays coming up it couldn’t be a better time to take them up on their risk free offer. I think Prime is a hundred dollar annual fee but you get free 2-day shipping all year long.

UPDATE:  Aug. 25, 2017     Pre- Order Update…

I went through the pre-order process and found out the delivery date is reasonable. At this moment the estimated delivery date is Nov. 3 to Nov. 6. (release date Oct. 30th 2017)

Buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

Now it really makes sense to pre-order because you get the release price and delivery within a few days after the Elite-Tek Batmobile hits the market on Oct. 30th, on top of that you get a best price guarantee should the release price be any cheaper.

If you intend to get this bad ass armored vehicle online don’t waste your time trying to find a better price because this is the cream of the crop when your talking pre-ordering.   BTW… there is only 1 in stock at this moment.   Secure yours today.

Some may get to buy Mattel Fully Loaded Batmobile, Justice League Ultimate Batmobile this week.

UPDATE July 20th:  Hey I just ran across this post you may be interested in…

Warner Bros. is putting the Batmobile from Justice League on display at San Diego Comic-Con this week along with a realistic version fans can buy… read more at


That’s all we could dig up for now with whats included over on our video blog. Well keep you posted and let you know when we get a release date and the best places to buy, so until next time…

 Happy shopping and safe holiday season!

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We will update with more info. as soon as possible so please check back every week or two.

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