Buy UBTech Astrobot Kit – Jimu Robot Review

Buy UBTech Astrobot Kit – Jimu Robot Review

If your looking to Buy UBTech Astrobot Kit our Jimu Robot Review should help you out.

Current Toy Trends here with another coding robot review but this one is quite unique in that it will allow you to build, program and code your own robot that you can be proud of.

How long has it been since you’ve been in a toy store? In this day and age, you’re most likely to locate more STEM bundles than a florist– truly, there are many of them. At the Toy Fair this year from New York, there was a huge quantity of new toys being introduced. As a matter of fact, it really feels as if every business had a new circuit board or robot set to teach youngsters the joys of building electronic devices.

One of the robot kits that really stuck out from the group this year was the UBTech Astrobot package – this is something that can be built into 3 different personalities, AstroBot, Rover and Astron, after it is put together, it can be programmed through a basic mobile app that you can download. If this sounds fascinating to you, proceed forward to discover all the details about the UBTech Astrobot.

In A Hurry… Go Straight to The Product Details Page and Remember To Read The Reviews

Here’s what we know so far concerning the UBTech AstroBot …

For starters, you’re probably wondering when the AstroBot will be offered and also what does it cost? This robotic kit was released for $199. It was also said to come out earlier than it did but no worries as it is available now. (released a few months ago) Remember that the price could change at anytime and we can not guarantee any prices on this site.

Various Ways to Build Your Jimu Robot

There are different ways you could construct the robot. It could be built as either a treaded robot that looks much like Walle, a rolling car, or a humanoid-style robot. It will certainly include a total amount of 5 servo motors and also 397 various pieces that you could utilize into your own custom creation.

Infrared Sensing unit

The UBTech AstroBot has an infrared sensing unit that is responsible for stopping it from encountering objects as you’re letting it move around. There’s likewise a speaker together with a set of  LED’s which will enable it to show 16 incredible colors and you can program various sounds.

Grasp as well as Raise Things

A feature that really thrilled us was its ability to grasp and also raise things. You could make use of a mobile device to relocate the robot around and manipulate its hands to ensure that it can grab and carry lite objects around.

Configuring The UBTECH Astrobot Kit Interactive Robotic Building Block System

We also discovered exactly how easy it is to configure the AstroBot. With the application set up on any kind of Android or iOS gadget, you could use what is called Blockly. Blockly is an advancement setting that includes dragging blocks around on a canvas and putting them with each other to develop particular functions. If you would love to work on advanced programming, there’s a switch that will reveal your application created in Swift, which is a prominent programming language. JIMU ASTROBOT KIT   THE GOOD

Buy UBTech Astrobot Kit – Jimu Robot Review
  • STEM Education
  • Build, Program and Code
  • Build 3 different Kinds of Robots
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Increased Skill Sets
  • Interactive
  • 1 year warranty on Parts


  • Plastic Parts
  • Expensive

Functions (5/5) Ease of Use (5/5) Performance (4/5) Durability (4/5) Value (5/5)

About The Manufacturer

AstroBot is the current release in UBTech’s line of kid-friendly robotics. Checking out the business and seeing exactly what else they are using, we locate seven other kits that they currently carry in the marketplace and they have won numerous awards over the last few years. They make the TankBot the Meebot and another handful of challenging builds. These are pretty great robots, however when comparing them to the AstroBot, they don’t have the LED lights or style adaptability.

Who is this robot kit for?

The manufacturer recommended age is 8 years and up.

Is It Worth Its Price Tag?

If you or your child has an interest in electronics or robotics it would be well worth it in our opinion. Your child can learn from basic to advanced programming skills and take away a wealth of knowledge in the process.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Apple store or here at Amazon.

There are some very detailed reviews from real buyers that can really help you out if your looking to buy UBTech Astrobot. This Jimu Robot review is meant to relay the information we learned from many sources and the additional information can be picked up from the Amazon product details page, the most important part being the reviews. We can not stress enough… Please Read The Product Reviews!

Buy UBTech Astrobot Kit – Jimu Robot Review

In this case the reviewers are really enjoying this Jimu robot and speaking very highly of it. Only real downfall is that it is made of plastic and can be a bit fragile as the moving parts work, they may become loose and fall off. One person had a problem with the on-off switch and UBTECH was quick to send out a replacement part….  go read the reviews now.

Anything Else I should know?

When together they are approx. 8“x 6” and the total kit weighs 4 lbs. The kit comes with one Lithium battery.

There is also 1 year warranty on parts which is pretty nice.

Jimu Astrobot comes with…

-397 Pieces
-Jimu Interactive Robot Parts
-1 Infrared Sensor
-5 Robotic Servo Motors
-1 Speaker
-2x 16 color LED Lights
-Grab and Lift Function
-Tank Treads

It also comes with an app that lets you control it as well as updates.


All the robotic sets used by this business deal compelling ways for kids to experience the happiness in addition to the frustrations of putting electronics together– they even instruct on programming abilities. Its always important before you buy UBTech Astrobot to go and read the Jimu Robot Reviews on the product details page.

In our opinion, our company believes the UBTech AstroBot will certainly be well worth the price as it has many possibilities and looks super fun. If you own this product please post your comments and… Happy Shopping everyone.

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