Disney Puzzle: Memorable Disney Moments 40,320 Pieces by Ravensburger

Disney Puzzle: Memorable Disney Moments 40,320 Pieces by Ravensburger

Were here to tell you that this Disney Puzzle “Memorable Disney Moments” 40,320 Pieces by Ravensburger is getting some great reviews and might be something of interest to you, especially if you are a puzzle fanatic or a collector of Disney memorabilia.

Yes, it really does have that many pieces and is absolutely as big as it claims, there are no marketing stunts, it is what it is, a huge ass puzzle. If you should order this Disney puzzle be prepared for a huge box to arrive weighing 46 pounds.

Read on and well give you a quick heads-up on everything you need to know about the 40,320 piece “Memorable Disney Moments” puzzle and its manufacturer.

About Ravensburger

Ravensburger is a firm that has actually remained in full swing since 1891– they are based in Ravensburg, Germany and are well known for making the world’s finest puzzles. In each one of their puzzles, they put a big quantity of information.

Disney Puzzle: Memorable Disney Moments 40,320 Pieces by Ravensburger

They use an exclusively established, extra-thick cardboard material that is combined with unique linen-structured paper in order to create puzzles that can produce a glare-free photo. For reducing every one of the pieces, they make use of steel cutting devices in order to ensure that no 2 pieces are alike as well as they will certainly interlace perfectly, without hesitation.

For more information about Ravensburger check out this Wikipedia page.

What Is This Really?

It’s the world’s largest puzzle … we’re not joking. If you do not believe us, look in the Guinness Book of World Records– searching in it will certainly validate that this Ravensburger puzzle is the largest commercially-available puzzle offered on the planet. Not just is it the biggest in the number of items, but it is also the largest puzzle in size.

All The Scenes Are Hand Drawn

Lengthy story short, this puzzle actually is 40,320 pieces– that’s why it’s in the Guinness World Records. The puzzle features an overall of 10 scenes from Disney films that have been hand-drawn. The famous Disney films consist of: Fantasia, Snow White, Cinderella, Bambi, Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Beauty and also the Beast, the Little Mermaid and also the Lion King.

Mounted by a Film Strip

Every one of the scenes have been mounted by a fascinating movie strip. The film strip shows the year the film was released.

Instructions Included

Disney Puzzle: Memorable Disney Moments 40,320 Pieces by Ravensburger

While the puzzle is much like any type of puzzle– just sort through and place like pieces with each other, it does come with an intriguing user’s manual. In the instruction manual, you’ll discover practical tips that will certainly assist you in setting up the puzzle– there’s also a reference guide that you might want to take a look at.

Update Oct 27, price is holding about the same but could change at anytime.

How Much Is This Beast?

We have seen it as low a 400. and as high as 800 dollars so shop around before you buy. Today it is 415. on Amazon but it could change at any time.

Who is this Disney puzzle for?

The suggested age is 14 and up. It can get overwhelming with so many pieces but anyone that has any experience with jigsaw puzzles should enjoy this  Memorable Disney Moments puzzle.

Where Can I Get It For The Best Price?

We have also heard from reviews that you can get this product at a substantial savings by ordering from Amazon Germany. I will have to get more info. on this and find the link so check back soon for an update.

For now Amazon is the best place to get it., even if you get it 10 or 15 dollars cheaper somewhere else be sure to check shipping and be sure it is a reputable company especially online.

What We Liked

Trusted Manufacturer and arguably the best puzzle makers in the world.

Make a fantastic addition to anyone’s Disney collection

What We Didn’t Like

It is very expensive

An Added Surprise

Who doesn’t like Mickey Mouse? Personally, he’s one of our faves. The company added a special surprise in this puzzle. You see, in each of the 10 scenes, you will certainly want to look closely due to the fact that they concealed a Mickey Mouse symbol in there. The only way for you to discover that Mickey Mouse symbol would certainly be to put together the puzzle (we’re not providing you any type of hints here).

If the 40,320 piece puzzle is a bit much for you –  See the new 216 piece Ravensburger 3D – Disney Castle

If  the Ravensburger Disney Memorable Moments is not for you, there is an even more unique and less pricey option with the new Ravensburger 3D – Disney Castle 216 piece puzzle that Amazon listed their top 100 toy list for Christmas 2017. The easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions will help assembling this castle. They’ve included images of all four sides of the castle to help puzzling by image. Puzzle fun taken to the 3rd dimension. See all the details!


With the Disney Puzzle: Memorable Disney Moments 40,320 Pieces by Ravensburger, you have the largest available puzzle in the entire world that any puzzle fanatic will not want to leave once they get started, you’ll have to make yourself walk away.

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