Don’t Buy Kinetic Sand Foldable Sand Box

Don’t Buy Kinetic Sand Foldable Sand Box

Don’t Buy Kinetic Sand Foldable Sand Box until you read about why we would not buy it, seriously!

Now don’t get me wrong it is absolutely a product your kids will have lots of creative fun with. There was one little thing that was a let down for us, we’ll explain further down the page. First let us tell you all about the Kinetic Sand Foldable Sand Box and see what you think.

If the children aren’t able to visit the coastline to construct sandcastles on the shore, you might always bring the sand to them. Have you ever seen or heard of Kinetic Sand? It’s the squeezable sand that you can draw, pack, and form– it’s so enjoyable that your kids will never wish to put it down. Nonetheless, once they do put it down, you’ll require a location to place it– that’s where the Kinetic Sand folding Sand Box enters into play.

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Just What is Kinetic Sand Made of?

Before we go right into information of the Kinetic Sand folding sandbox, we feel that we need to discuss some points in concerns to the actual sand. Some moms and dads frown upon Kinetic Sand, but in all sincerity, we’re unsure why they wouldn’t obtain this stuff for their kids. It’s 98% sand as well as 2% Polymers (a form of silicone oil), plus, it’s gluten-free and is created for children ages 3 and up. This sand resembles the physical properties of real damp sand like you would certainly discover by the coastline.

This was initially produced for sculpting however it is traditionally marketed as play sand for the youngsters. It looks a whole lot like lite brown sugar and yes, you can buy it in bags. You can mold it as it adheres to itself, as well as fortunately, it doesn’t adhere to most various other materials or surface areas that you have in your house. As an additional benefit, it does not dry out. Nonetheless, regardless of everything, although it doesn’t dry out, a sandbox would still really feel trendy.

Don’t Buy Kinetic Sand Foldable Sand Box

With the Kinetic Sand folding sandbox, children will feel as if they really are playing in a sandbox in a park. Exactly what’s trendy concerning this certain sandbox would be that you can have the sand within, and carry it with you if you want.

In the Kinetic Sand folding sand box, kids are most likely to have hours and hours of play everyday. This will certainly be their brand-new favored “plaything.” Whenever their close friends come by, they’ll probably ask you to bring the sandbox, When the kids are done playing with the sand, you can quickly fold the sandbox up and keep it. When they’re all set to have fun with the sand again, merely take the sandbox out and unfold to open it up.

Comes With…

1 folding sand box

2 pounds of kinetic sand

7 multi function tools(2) and molds(5)

Comes From…

Spin Master, a very popular and trusted brand.

Whose This Sand Box For?

The recommended age is 3 and up.

Whats The Price?

Around thirty bucks although we ran across a seller on Amazon asking almost double so if your on Amazon and see this Kinetic Sand Box for around 50 bucks, do not buy it. You can get the same sold and shipped by Amazon for about 40% cheaper.

Where Can I Get The Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box?

You can find this folding sandbox at most department and toy stores online and locally but are recommendation is Amazon, just be aware of other sellers jacking up the price. If you are going to buy from Amazon, use this link.

Don’t Buy Kinetic Sand Foldable Sand Box

Is It Worth The Money?

Maybe not for many of you. The little thing that’s a big deal to us is the handle, there is none. This is a fairly new release but one of the purchasers stated it does not have a handle and mentioned the picture is misleading. If you look at the picture on the Amazon detail page you can tell the handle pictured there is from the cardboard casing.

It might not be a big issue if you intend on the kids just playing with it a home but if you plan to travel with it at all it would be a big draw back.

Integrate it with Sand Molds for Even More Fun

If you look online, you’ll locate various sand molds kits that you could likewise make use of. If you integrate the sand box with sand as well as sand molds, your kids are most likely to have much more fun. When it involves sand molds, there are a lot of them to name but to give an idea you’ll discover molds like vehicles, animals, buildings and such.


If your youngsters love having fun with Kinetic Sand, then why not obtain them their own Kinetic Sand folding sandbox? This will provide a location to play and store their sand, so it’s a “win, win” scenario unless you feel you need a handle to carry it by. So hope you don’t buy  Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox before reading this review as it may of may not be for you. Remember, its always a good idea to read the reviews.

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