First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch – VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper Electronic Camera Watch

First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch – VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper Electronic Camera Watch

Hey welcome back to Current Toy Trends, today we want to tell you what we’ve learned about a hot new Star Wars item that was recently released to the market. Another VTech product attached the the upcoming Star Wars film “The Last Jedi.” Were talking about the First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch a VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper electronic camera watch.

Lets step back and tell you that of the numerous fantastic playthings that were introduced at the past 2017 Toy Fair but the VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper Electronic camera watch was the one that stood out from the group of others for Star Wars followers.

As you would expect with the new Star Wars movie, well see more brand-new Star Wars goods to be coming out between now and the films release. Many people were able to try out the Star Wars Stormtrooper video camera watch first-hand and all actually agreed the watch would be fantastic for any young Star Wars fan.

2 Versions Available

When it involves this watch, there are 2 versions that are available. You can get it in either First Order Trooper or BB-8 color schemes– and it comes with matching straps. No, it’s not a real smartwatch– it isn’t really efficient in linking to your phone nor does it have GPS tracking for youngsters, however do not let that discourage you, since this device does have some pretty cool and useful functions that children will certainly appreciate.

First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch – VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper Electronic Camera Watch

# Special Note: The BB-8 version is not available in the US, at least not at this time. so we will be focusing on the First Order version.

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One of the most Notable Features

While there are numerous functions that are available, one of the most significant would certainly be the electronic camera– not because it takes images, however due to the fact that it is additionally efficient in capturing video. No, the electronic camera isn’t really going to resemble the one you have on your phone, it’s not suggested to change it. The video camera, nonetheless, is suggested for children to enjoy with.

The watch can be operated by means of a touch screen. On the side of the gadget, you’ll discover a menu button, that makes switching settings easy and quick.

Play Games on the Screen

The screen on the First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch is little, yet it will enable you to play video games on it. There’s likewise a built-in accelerometer that plays a pretty amazing audio each time the customer sweeps their arm– this is something kids will like, due to the fact that, what child doesn’t like amazing sound effects?


The audio isn’t most likely to annoy moms and dads or people around you, due to the fact that it’s not at all loud. Nevertheless, kids may not be pleased with the volume of the sound as they’ll wish to listen to the light-saber effects in complete stereo.

Swiping and also Tapping the Screen

When you carefully swipe across the display of the VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper Smartwatch 2.0, the watch face will certainly alter. If you desire to alter the background on the display, just tap the user interface as well as view it transform before your eyes.

Like the majority of Star Wars products on the market, even the product packaging of this one looks impressive.

How Much Is It?

Currently around 60. bucks on Amazon but it can change at anytime but there are probably many outside of this age group that would enjoy this Stormtrooper camera watch.

Who This Stormtrooper watch Most Suited For?

The suggested age is 5 to 9 years old. We agree with the age recommendations out side of collectors of all ages will most certainly want to add the this Black Kidizoom Stormtrooper Smartatch to their collection.

Where Can You Buy It?

This one is not as widely available as most products, the BB-8 version is not available in the US however you can probably order the  Star Wars Stormtrooper camera watch from UK Amazon.

The Good

Touch screen

Motion sensor

Has 3 activities

Camera and video

Easy To Use

The Bad

Only one version is sold in the US.

We think its quite expensive

This product is brand new so we will update here in a month or two as more user reviews come in.

In Closing

Online, you can see multiple photos of the watch– it’s quite huge in dimension, so you could easily manage the touchscreen. Mind you, we’re not suggesting this for grownups, yet some adults might be interested in the watch– we’re advising this for the kids that are followers of Star Wars. (just keep in mind it is rather big in size) Even so, the First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch – VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper Electronic Camera Watch is sure to please any young Star Wars fan.

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