MeccaSpider with Built-in Games – Build, Program, Play

MeccaSpider with Built-in Games – Build, Program, Play

MeccaSpider is a very unique robotic building kit that will teach your children STEM skills though its construction. Any young builder will enjoy the MeccaSpider with Built-in Games you just Build, Program, and Play, It will deliver a ton of venom spitting fun once assembled which should take 1 to 3 hours.  Brought to us by Meccano robotics and Spin Master this programmable spider was just released last month (Aug.2017) and is getting real good reviews already.

If you attended the 2017 Toy Fair you know the Meccano MeccaSpider truly sticks out from the crowd of a few of the various other toys for a selection of reasons. Today, we are right here to deliver our own MeccaSpider review and let you know what we learned about the Meccano MeccaSpider. (BTW…Meccano was formally Erector)

This 18” x 16” x 7.5” hi-tech spider is made from space-age materials and is controlled by buttons on the spider or with the free app. It comes with 291 pieces, a instruction sheet, 2 motors and a few more modules.

The Sensors Are The Life Of The MeccaSpider

The MeccaSpider is pretty neat to say the least. Because of its sensors, it’s an interactive plaything. It will play games with the children. As a matter of fact, the sensors are so great that youngsters can quickly get caught up thinking this is their very own animal … it acts sort of like an animal from an adult point of view.

MeccaSpider with Built-in Games – Build, Program, Play

Putting it All Together and Playing

It will certainly take anywhere from one to three hours to put all of it together.  Constructing the MeccaSpider is quite enjoyable, yet that is only the beginning.The actual excitement begins when it comes time to play. With venom attack and application control, it will be simple to keep those crooks at bay.

That’s right, you can control this toy using an application. In assault setting, he will certainly spray out venom. Youngsters can safeguard their space and guard any person that comes in. Like we said above, MeccaSpider also has an interactive individuality and built-in games, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

This is similar to an RC– it could go around your house and it’s easy to start up. The shot of venom can travel up to 50 feet, which isn’t really all that poor for a plaything similar to this.

He additionally has a tracking, so he can follow you around your house on his own. Visualize your child strolling this plaything around the house, splashing venom everywhere– this will truly get their imagination going.

Get Details and Reviews for the MeccaSpider

The Games

This plaything has some epic games. There’s one where the youngsters could rest in a circle as this toy walks around. The initial one to move will certainly receive a shot of venom. There’s an additional game that asks questions– the initial individual to answer wrong will get sprayed.

With these games, the venom feature (venom roulette), attack dog mode (rests in the space as well as when it senses activity, it’ll start spraying), it makes it much more than a simply RC. If you choose, you could use your imagination to configure much more with it.

How Much Is The Robotic Building Kit?

At this time it is 99.99 just about everywhere, Kmart was like 5 dollars higher. You should know that prices change at will so we can never guarantee any prices listed on the site. Always check when you are ready to buy.

Who’s it Best Suited For?

The recommended age is 10 to 12 years of age. We think some kids as young as 8 or old as 14 would have a lot of fun with this Meccano 041317 building kit. It is advised to exercise adult supervision with the building of this toy.

Where Can I Get The MeccaSpider?

All the toy store chains, local retailers like Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, Kmart as well as Amazon and others.

Is It Worth The Price?

So far, buyers are quite excited about it but it has only been in stores for a few weeks. We will update here in a month to two as as more purchasers leave their feedback.

What We Thought Was Cool!

Being able to control manually on the spider or through the free app is nice, it opens it up to more people.

MeccaSpider with Built-in Games – Build, Program, Play


Sprays venom, it goes 50 feet

Built in games

Fun for the whole family

What We Did Not Like

We think they should include your first set of batteries, you will need to purchase 5 Cs

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended as it will result in a lack in performance.

We can not say at this moment but will update you on how long the batteries will work. Just saying if you burn up 5 C batteries a day that could get very costly.


We recommend you read the instructions before purchasing as there are safety precautions you should pay close attention to.. Word of warning, you’ll have to scroll through the written instructions to get to your language though. The step by step images look great.


All in all, this is most likely to be a hot selling toy for this holiday season. Since it just came out on the market we will update a few times over the coming months as to how the Meccano MeccaSpider robotic programmable building kit is being perceived. We think it would make a fantastic present for the children in your life, specifically if they like to build and appreciate things similar to this.

The MeccaSpider is not for everyone, it can be a challenging piece and some patience is required as well as adult supervision. Be sure you didn’t miss the instruction page link above, if you are about to buy MeccaSpider it would be in your best interest to read the instructions first.

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