Old Smartphone Makes A Kids Camera – Pixlplay Camera Details

Old Smartphone Makes A Kids Camera – Pixlplay Camera Details

Your old smartphone makes a kids camera, get all the Pixlplay camera details right here as we tell you about this very clever idea that’s come to us from Pixl Toys a new emerging company founded by product and toy developer JP Stoops.

Do you recall that amazing smartphone you originally purchased several years back? You most likely surrendered a cabinet drawer somewhere because that’s where all smartphones go when you get a more recent version. Currently, there might be a need to bring that old smartphone back and it entails Pixlplay Camera, which is exactly what we’re going to present to you in this review.

Pixl Toys created a new means to bring those old smartphones back from the dead as an exciting 35mm electronic camera that the kids could make use of. PixlPlay introduced on Kickstarter not too long ago, and lots of people are already talking about it.

PixlPlay Keeps it Simple

Exactly what’s cool concerning the PixkPlay Camera is that it’s not tough whatsoever– PixlPlay has done a great task at making certain they maintain its simplicity. Kids love electronics and also devices, but those small hands and feet are constantly fidgeting, which can lead to a real disaster for delicate devices, like the most recent Samsung tablet.

Old Smartphone Makes A Kids Camera – Pixlplay Camera Details

With the PixlPlay, you do not have to worry, because it will keep your phone safe and keep things easy. There’s no pairing that should be done, no applications you should mount as well as none of those intensifying configuration headaches. All you need to do is place the phone in, connect the cable into the earphone jack and hand the 35mm style toy cam over to your youngsters. Yes, it actually is that easy.

Taking Photos is Exciting

While it’s a toy, it is still exciting to make use of the electronic camera to take pics, what youngster does not enjoy taking photographs? When it involves the weather, your dog, your brother or sister, your cat, your moms and dads and so much more there’s just something thrilling about it.

PixlPlay does not add any problems to this formula. In fact, the more we learn about this toy camera, the more we see that it actually enhances the exhilaration of taking pictures.

Pixlplay camera, orange

There’s large buttons and knobs that youngsters could turn. These switches and handles make it very easy for a kids to seem like they are professional digital photographers. Kids will be able to use the phone as normal with a splash-resistant, touch-sensitive safety case as well as merely using the shutter button on the top to snap photos.

Children as young as 3 years old can utilize this toy. While you aren’t needed to download any applications in order to use it, there is a neat companion iOS app that will certainly let you modify photos with frames and digital features. It functions well with existing digital photography and electronic camera programs. Stretch goals include a sticker sheet, task cards as well as an Android application.


On the Pixlplay case, you’ll find the complying with attributes: Adjustable clamps for fitting phones of different sizes, rubber handgrips, and also a 3.5 mm cable that plugs right into the audio jack to power the shutter button on the case. The little ones could snap pictures via the phone’s build-in camera app using the shutter button, or they could take the normal path as well as shoot pictures just by touching the screen.

Get The Pixlplay Smart Camera Now

Who Is This Camera For?

Kids as young as 3 years old could use the Pixlplay but it could be put to good use by anyone including adults.

How Much Is It Selling For?

29.95 at the moment and comes in 2 cool colors, blue and orange. Prices can change at any given time and they vary often by different sellers.

Where Can I Get One?

The Pixlplay was just introduced to the market several months ago and people are loving it, just check out the reviews on Amazon. You can buy Pixlplay camera at Amazon in blue and orange or the Pixl Toys website. We have not found the Pixlplay at toy stores or other retailers yet.

Pixl Toys

Being a new company that just launched through Kickstarter, we know nothing about them other than what we have read. The good thing is being sold by Amazon you are protected. Another plus is the reviews, buyers are thrilled with their purchase. Read all about the Founder Mr Stoops and why he started his new company “Pixl Toys”.

Old Smartphone Makes A Kids Camera – Pixlplay Camera Details

What We Like

Clever money saving idea

The price wont break your arm

Great fun fur kids to be the photographer

What We Didn’t Like

We do not have any experience with this company (Pixl Toys) but everyone has to start somewhere.

It does not work with every smartphone but I guess we cant really expect it to.

Important product information from the sellers… 

Pixlplay works with most standard size smartphones including:

iPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5, SE, 5s, 5c, 4, 4s and iPod Touch
Most Android phones including Samsung S7, S6, S5, Google Pixel (See FAQs for full list)
Comparable sized smartphones with a maximum dimensions of 5.59 x 2.91 x 0.374 inches (142 x 74 x 9.5 mm)

Note: iPhone 7 requires the Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter included with your device to work the shutter button (optional). Some Android phones require setting up the camera shutter to be controlled by the volume button. Also works with Windows mobile devices.


iOS and Android compatible
Dimensions at furthest point: 7 x 4.5 x 2.68 inches (179 x 115 x 68 mm)
Includes Pixlplay camera, wrist strap, sticker sheet and 2 activity sheets

Sellers FAQ

In Closing

Exactly what youngster doesn’t enjoy taking photos? That’s why PixlPlay has decided to develop the PixlPlay Camera and it already has a lot of interest aimed in its direction. It just launched on May 15 2017 and already has over 30 awesome reviews. This could very well be a top selling product this holiday season, as word gets out we think Pixl Toys will take off quite nicely for a new company.

If your interested in turning your old smartphone into a kids camera, we hope these Pixlplay camera details helped you in some way, thanks and please come again.

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