Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll Review

Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll Review

With the big screen blasting out many DC Superhero movies in 2017 including Wonder Woman’s recent film, The Lego Batman movie Batman and Harley Quinn and a few more to be released before years end including Justice League… everything Superhero is crazy popular this year(2017).

With all types of DC figurines available we cant cover them all but we decided to do a Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll review as Princess Diana is in her 75th year of production and Wonder Woman is hot this year.

Being a big follower of Wonder Woman, this toy actually stuck out to us from the group of those presented at the 2017 toy fair.

An Introduction to Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a prominent fictional super-heroine that appears in American comic books that are published by DC Comics. It has been stated that this personality is a founding member of the Justice League, warrior princess of the Amazonian people and demigoddess. While she’s in her homeland, she’s Princess Diana of Themyscira as well as beyond her homeland, she’s known as Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll Review

American psycho therapist and author William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter are the people that developed Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman first made her appearance in All Star Comics # 8 back in December 1941 (yes she’s that old). Since then, the Wonder Woman title has actually been published by DC Comics on a continual basis, with the exception of a quick pause that happened back in 1986.

Buy The Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll Now

An Introduction to Mattel

This Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow plaything come to us from Mattel and most of us understand exactly how good Mattel is when it involves making toys. Mattel is a prominent business that was started back in 1945– their headquarters is based in El Segundo, California. Back in 2014, on the Fortune 500 list, this business was rated at # 503.

The products and brand names Mattel creates consist of Barbie dolls, Fisher-Price, Monster High dolls, Hot Wheels, Winx Club dolls, Matchbox Toys, American Girl dolls, Masters of deep space playthings, WWE toys and much more. We keep in mind back in the 1980s when Mattel created computer game systems which were under its very own brands and under the Nintendo certificate.

An Introduction to the Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Toy

When you initially consider the Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow 12 inch figure, if you’re not a fan of Wonder Woman, you may feel as if you’re looking at a normal figure. Nevertheless, if you’re a follower of this fictional super-heroine, you might really feel a sort of connection … that’s what this toy is all about– by looking at her, as she’s holding her bow and arrow, you will certainly really feel as if you are really checking out Wonder Woman.

Princess Diana wears her beach training outfit and wields an authentic working bow and arrow. Simply press the button on her back to launch the arrow.

Whose The DC Wonder Woman Bow And Arrow Doll For?

The recommended age group is 6-10 years old. It is also a pierce that any collector would be interested in owning. This doll is made to resemble the Wonder Woman character in the Wonder Woman movie released in June 2017.

How Much Does She Cost?

At this very moment, just 13.95 on Amazon but that could change at anytime without notice. Hey, heads-up! The price of this doll went up before we finished writing this review article to 14.88. I would think it just might keep inching up as the holidays get closer, not sure, just saying.

Wonder Woman Actually Comes In 2 Different Styles From Her Recent Movie

The DC Wonder Woman Bow Wielding-Doll in her beach training outfit and The DC Shield Block Doll in her iconic body suit with headband, sword and shield.

Where Can I Get The Wonder Woman 12 inch Doll?

Amazon of-course, as well as Target, Walmart, the big toy store chains and even the manufacturer.

Does It Come In A Costume?

Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll Review

We did not find it, the only gold we found was a corset which is actually very nice. However, there are many styles of Wonder Woman costumes available for all ages. Learn more about them.

We also have a post about Justice League Halloween costumes.

Is This 12 Inch DC Wonder Woman Action Figure Worth It?

Absolutely, its a very fair price and a no-brainer for collectors. I should point out the doll is actually 11.5 inches , everyone just advertises it at 12 inches.

What We Like

The price is right, especially for a collectable. You might want to buy 2 of this one.

The attention to detail

The accessories and they are removable

Don’t Care For

Unless you are really a tough critic there is nothing not to like.

Final thought

For DC Comics followers and specifically for those that are huge followers of Wonder Woman, you’re going to wish to obtain this figurine. Certain, you could purchase it simply to remain on your work desk or shelf, but it’s certainly something you will want to contribute to your collection of DC figurines. Besides, what good would a collection be if it didn’t have Wonder Woman holding her bow and arrow? Hope our Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Doll Review as helped you out in some way, anything we can help you with, please let us know.

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