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Review Of My Little Pony The Movie: My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

August 16, 2017
Review Of My Little Pony The Movie: My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

We would like to share our review of My Little Pony The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle toy and let you in on what we found out about this Magical Princess pony. Some of you have kids that are going to beg you for this, you might want to see what its all about.

Every year upcoming toys are introduced at the Toy Fair and every year your child’s “wish list” grows. Parents combat to discover the best playthings for Santa to leave under the tree, yet, as parents, we constantly wind up feeling as if our kid deserves much more, however we will certainly conserve that story for an additional day.

Right now, we want to concentrate on the Magical Twilight Sparkle …

Even if your child hasn’t seen My Little Pony: The Movie (2017 film) that just hit the box office 2 weeks ago they are still going to want Twilight Sparkle, that is if their any kind of My Pony fan, so read on so you know what you in for.

What is Magical Twilight Sparkle?

Undoubtedly you know about the Little Ponies, right? This may be something you saw as you were maturing and also whenever you see your kid viewing the Little Ponies on TV, it possibly revives memories. Princess Twilight Sparkle is the little imperial pony that really understands the magic of friendly. She come to us from the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic TV series.

Review Of My Little Pony The Movie: My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

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This is a lovely interactive pony figure that is rather beautiful all on her very own but she comes with a tiara that makes her even more attractive. When your kid gets this Magical Twilight Sparkle, the experiences they participate in will be limitless.

This pony, come equipped with styling hair, one-of-a-kind Cutie Mark layouts and also lots of shades. Style the Ponies Hair As normal, this figure has a great mane and tale that your kid could style. Little women could invest hours just styling the ponies hair and clothing them up.

In our adult world, we don’t actually see the huge deal when it concerns styling hair as well as dressing up– but if you go back in your youth years, you probably remember doing this many times. So, while this could feel like a straightforward little plaything to you, it will certainly be the world to your little girl.

Re-Create Stories

Using Magical Twilight Sparkle, your little girl could re-create stories from My Little Pony or create stories of her own. Either way you stack it, this will assist in improving imagination.

Amazing Lights as well as Sounds

This Princess Twilight Sparkle talking toy will certainly be a big hit amongst little ladies around the globe. When you touch the star that she has on her front hoof it triggers 1 of 4 play modes, sound and touch, stories, sing, magic and spells and she even flaps her Pegasus wings.

Her pretty little wings will brighten as well as twinkle– they will likewise make magical sounds, which will certainly make your little ones giggle with pleasure.

As you slide the little pony along, you could see her wings flutter. There’s a button on the Cutie Mark (all little ponies have a Cutie Mark)– when you press that switch, the little pony will talk and sing her unique tune, demonstrating how satisfied she is.

She has fantastic motion with her head and blinks hear eyes when she chats or sings. Not only does her wings light up when they are touched, she will likewise talk with you when you style her beautiful, long hair. When you place her tiara on her head, she has lights on her horn that brighten.

Who Is Twilight Sparkle For?

The manufacturers recommended age is 3 and up. Any My little Pony fans and especially little girls 3 to 5 maybe 6 years of age should adore the Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle.

How Much Is She?

We can never give you a price etched in stone as prices can change at any time but we will tell you to do some looking around even if you drive to the store to get it as we have seen a difference of 30 to 80 dollars higher than than what we found on Amazon which is under a hundred at the time of writing this.

Is She Worth It?

IMO its overpriced but a few of my buddies don’t agree. It really depends on your child and how passionate they are about My Little Pony. Some kids may get bored with it after a few hours or after playing with it a few times, while others may want to take Twilight Sparkle everywhere with them and cherish the little Princess pony. Its quite expensive so only you can really decide if it is worth the price tag to you.

Where Can I Buy My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Toy?

I would buy from Amazon if you have to have it now, otherwise I would wait 6 months and you should snag a much better deal.


Hasbro is a very well known and reputable company, we have probably all bought from them at some time.

Hasbro Inc. was named among the 100 most reputable companies in the U.S. for the last 2 years in a row to the annual US RepTrak 100 list and you can see rankings from other sources here.

In Conclusion

Magical Twilight Sparkle from Hasbro will produce lots of wonderful memories with your little one. She features a gorgeous pendant, beautiful rolling hair as well as a princess tiara to prepare her for her big day. Although maybe a bit overpriced it may be worth it when you see your child take to like her new best friend.

Hope our review of My Little Pony The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle has helped you out and we wish you happy shopping.